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Reed Market Storage
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Effective September 1, 2023

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Electric and Heat Options: $50/month, each.

Our customers get the best rates when they use automated bank transfers (ACH) to pay rent. When payment is made via credit card, a 3% convenience fee is added to the monthly rent amount. Rents are collected monthly; there is no prepayment option. Rent rates are guaranteed for one year from the start date of a completed lease agreement, and then adjusted annually to the rate published at this website.

A $300 security deposit is collected at move-in.  A lease can be terminated at any time with 30 days written notice — an email with receipt and acknowledgement is sufficient. If you have been a customer for 12 or more months, there is no termination fee. If you have been a customer for less than 12 months, a termination fee equal to one month’s rent is charged.

The Electric Option is $50/month. 30 Amps rotating power, 4 hours per day. Enough to keep a vehicle battery charged.

The Heat Option is $50/month. Heat is active October-April, with a 45°F, 4 ft above the floor, capacity. The Heat Option is $50/month, every month unit is occupied, regardless of time-of-year. Not all units have the heat option. See the Rental Units Map.